Bringing Cartoons to Life: A Dazzling AR Tribute to Dato’ Lat on the Streets of Kuala Lumpur! Activate AR Activate AR Activate AR Step into the heart of Kuala Lumpur and experience the magic of Dato’ Lat’s cartoons like never before! We’re thrilled to invite you to an augmented reality extravaganza where the whimsical world […]


Buildings That Speaks CheritAR: Buildings That Speak, is an AR (Augmented Reality) activation that allows people to converse directly in real-time with avatar characters with the use of AI (Artificial Intelligence). The old spelling of “cerita” is used in combination with “AR”, hence the name “CheritAR” CheritAR is an innovative partnered project with Thinkcity that encompasses the […]

Street ARt – Open Call

Street Art Activation In this category, you will collaborate with 6 street art artists who have painted their murals in various locations around KL. Your task is to activate the mural sites with AR, adding a new dimension of interactivity and engagement to the existing artworks. You can reinterpret the street art, enhance it, or […]

ARca – Open Call

We are looking for AR/XR artist who wants to showcase your AR creativity and skills in Malaysia. This is a nationwide competition that invites you to transform the urban landscape of Kuala Lumpur with your immersive and interactive artworks.   In this category, you will deploy your AR art at the Bukit Bintang crossing, one […]